You're bootleggers in 1929. You come to Moose Jaw to buy booze from the Capone organization. You've got to learn the ropes and stay out of the way of the local police chief. You start out at Miss Fanny's club and end up in a tunnel, somewhere underground. And the only one who knows the way out is Gus, one of Capone's goons.

**The Chicago Connection has several flights of stairs. Families with young children should be aware that there are some loud noises and 'surprises' along the way.**

Bunker 24 tells the story of Canada’s growth as a country coming out of the Great Depression and World War II. Then came the Cold War. East vs West, Communism vs Capitalism. The nuclear arms race is in full swing and the future we fought for is in great danger as the Evil Empire will stop at nothing in order to destroy everything we hold dear. We drop you back into 1958 and immerse you into our 1950s Cold War bunker. You are new recruits in Canada’s fight, entering your first day of training. Do you have what it takes to succeed at Bunker 24?

**Bunker 24 is wheelchair accessible, but it requires a transfer for the use of a lift chair. The tour includes two short elevator rides**

The Passage to Fortune tells the story of early Chinese immigrants to Canada. You become an Immigrant and follow in their footsteps through Burrows and Sons Laundry, in darkened tunnels under the streets and in the kitchen of Mr. Wong's cafe. Your passage to fortune is just around the corner.

**The Passage to Fortune has one short flight of stairs which is equipped with a lift and is otherwise on one level for easy access. Parents are advised that when the tour guide changes character, he/she can seem intimidating to young children.**


If you are looking to bring a group of 16 or more people, please contact us for special pricing. Please email us or call our ticket office for more information.

General Information

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw is a year-round tourist attraction that entertains guests with a unique productions of Canadian History. You will head under the streets of Moose Jaw and undergo two guided theatrical tours.  We offer the Chicago Connection where you will relive the days of prohibition and learn of Al Capone's connections to Moose Jaw. You will also learn first hand of the hardships faced by early Chinese immigrants and their struggles to help build the country in the early 1900's.


18 Main St N
Moose Jaw, SK
S6H 3J6

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